Fitness & First Aid - In case of emergency during a football or handball match, our range includes first aid kits and pouches. Their purpose is to provide initial treatment of the player or athlete and they contain cold packs and bandages & dressing material.
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First Aid at a football game

If a handball or football player suddenly feels sick this does not necessarily mean he is seriously injured. Minor injuries due to collisions or an overly hard contact with a ball are on the daily agenda with intensive matches and training sessions. This may quickly result in bruises, strained muscles or acute circulatory problems. A first aider at football or handball will take care of exactly these problems. He/she will alleviate the pain using cooling products, stop any bleeding, close wounds or stretch a strained muscles by focused manual techniques. In case of vertigo, he/she will help with liquids, minerals and a time-out for the player.
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