NEW VERSION 2016 Referee Paging System RPS 2156-2

NEW VERSION 2016 Referee Paging System "RPS 2156-2"

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NEW VERSION 2016 Referee Paging System "RPS 2156-2"

-Highest quality standard
-Transmission acknowledgement of messages
-Ergonomic shape of the pager for good user comfort
-Changeable wristband
-Battery check at turn-on
-No interference between different systems, more systems can be used within the same area.
-Automatic shutdown if the pager has not been used for a long time
-Volume adjustment at 3 steps
-3 different tones, configurable on every single flag
-Freely configurable flags
-Improved battery performance for longer usage
-Freely expandable system

How it works

The Referee Paging System RPS2156 provides a data link between flag and pager via radio communication. Hereby now a bi-directional communication method is used. This means as soon the message has been received by the pager the referee gets an immediate acknowledgement. This ensures best possible technical reliability and performance at ongoing football games. In this way any theoretically possible transmission fault can be recognized by the user immediately.

Since each flag now has an own and unique ID various different flags and pagers can be configured within one system. The previously used different color codes are not needed any more. By using the programming mode new and additional flags can be assigned to a pager. The maximum amount of flags is ten.


Volume- and tone-adjustments now can be configured onthe flag directly. This has two advantages: First of all there is no need any more to open the pager for configuration. Secondly now every single flag can be configured individually. Hence this makes it easy to efficiently adjust, for instance one flag to a high volume level and another one to a lower volume.

The Referee Paging System RPS2156 is available as:

RPS2156-2: One Pager and two Flags including carry bag and screwdriver
RPS2156-3: One Pager and three Flags including carry bag and screwdriver

Receiver: powered by two 1,5V AAA batteries (small and light), 3-step signal (loud - middle - off), different vibrations for all three flags, case and bottom plate fitted to arm's shape, power of batteries tested through signal when turning on, only 19 mm thick and 100 g light. Flags: third transmission stick included (as replacement or for further assistant), with original b+d flag fabric, subject to alteration.

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