Spintso Watch 2X Sportwatch

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This article is available in 2-4 business days*

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Spintso Watch 2X Sportwatch

Spintso Watch 2X Sportwatch

20% smaller Display than Spintso Watch Professional. Without Vibration-function - With Beep Sound

Referee mode, multitraining mode, ordinary watch with alarm function and bip-sound

The settings and function for the referee mode is the same as for Ref Watch2S.

Advanced interval training watch and stopwatch with 99 laps.

Settings for interval training mode
Numbers of intervals (1-99)
Activity 1, Active Time (AT, hrs,min,sec)
Activity 2, Active Resting Time
(ART hrs,min,sec)
Resting time, RT (min, sec)

A bip-sound reminds you before every interval start/stop and when the last interval is finished.

Display: W: 28 mm H: 21 mm
Housing: W: 42,5 mm H: 35,5 mm

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