Shop security
Data Security System

Due to the WEBSALE Data Security System customer and order data are continuously protected the whole path from buyer to tradesman. Therefore the widely-used open sending of customer data per e-mail from shop server to tradesman and the unencrypted saving of order data on the shop server are completely replaced by a safe and convenient system. So, order data are encrypted consistently from buyer to tradesman.

Server is PCI-DSS certified

The WEBSALE ServerCloud is PCI-certified and meets the regulations of the Payment Card Industry concerning Data Security.

128 Bit / 256 Bit SSL

To ensure secure data transfer from the customer to the WEBSALE ServerClound through the internet Secure Sockets Layer (SSL, 128 Bit / 256 Bit) is used.

Triple DES

The orders and customer data itself are stored on the Shop-Servers with Triple-DES encoding. This is part of the WEBSALE Data Security System TM).
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