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Winfried Baaser
Business owner

Andreas Klee
Sales director

Dear customer,

25 years of referee tradition oblige! Therefore we are pleased to welcome you in our online shop. With more than 1.800 products our range is up to date and certainly according all expectations.

Our personal objective is to contribute to a positive appearance ot the Referee, the Associations and Sport sites.

Please trust the Allzweck Team! You won't be deceived.

Yours faithfully, Winfred Baaser and Andreas Klee

Management: Winfried Baaser

Andreas Klee

E-Mail: aklee@allzweck.de
Purchase: Noel Baaser

E-Mail: noelbaaser@allzweck.de

Sales: Manuela Scholz

E-Mail: Sportartikel@allzweck.de

Petra Schäfer

E-Mail: pschaefer@allzweck.de

Accountancy: Dagmar Baaser

Invoice processing: Herta Höltz

E-Mail: hhoeltz@allzweck.de

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